What’s This About?

I know how frustrating it can be to choose right products, so I started this site because I love to cook and I love to talk about cooking.  When I first started cooking, it was difficult for me to choose the right products for me.  Some are better for beginners, and some are better for more advanced cooks!

So what I did was choose what I think are some of the best cooking products around and write about them.  I try to give the good and bad, and let you make the best decision for you and your kitchen!

To get started you can browse any of the categories above or you can click on individual product reviews.  I will be posting more guides as well so you can understand alot more about kitchen products before you purchase.

How Did I Pick These Products?

I have owned or do own just about every products I write about.  In some instances I will write about products that I haven’t owned but did use at least once.  But to tell you the truth I am kind of addicted to kitchen products which of course my husband isn’t so crazy about!

But every products you find on this site will be a good-quality product, some better than others.  Of course you should pick what is in your budget and what you think you can make the most use out of.  As you cook more, you will get more experience and understand what you need and what you don’t!