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Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Knife Set

A knife set is an essential part of a complete kitchen, since knives have a huge role to play in the purpose for which you actually own a kitchen. If you are looking for a top quality set of knives for your kitchen, then it’s hard to look past the Wusthof Classic 8 piece knife set.  Your daily needs in the kitchen will be met and your cooking experience will be much more enjoyable when using this wonderful set of kitchen knives.

All the knives included in the set have designed taking into account your cutting demands for every day use.  They include an 8” chef’s knife for chopping purposes, together with a 3-1/2” paring knife designed to help you in coring, peeling and trimming, a 4.5” utility knife specifically designed for helping you in slicing and peeling, an 8” bread knife, kitchen shears and a 6” sandwich knife.

In order to keep these knives in a safe and proper place for storage when not required for use, they come with a very beautiful knife block made of oak consisting of 17 slots so you may also store your other knives too for safe keeping.  In it you can also fit a 9” sharpening steel. In order to further the lives of your knives and to ensure that they retain their original sharpness, you should always wash them with your hands, but you can always have them cleaned in your dishwasher too. Moreover, the knives come with a lifetime warranty.

The blades of the knives have been manufactured in a high-tech, computerized environment so that each blade is grounded and polished in such a way that every aspect of the knife is perfect.  The robust feeling that you get while using the knife comes from the specially designed bolster, which also happens to be a signature feature in Wusthof’s knives.

Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Knife SetCheck It Out On Amazon!Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Knife Set

Summary of Features:

Made with a combination of high-carbon steel as well as a stain-resistant alloy which allows the knife to hold it’s edge much longer and makes resharpening easier

They have a full-tang, which means the blade runs completely though the handle

Contains all pieces that are essential for everyday cooks:

3.5 inch paring knife

4.5 inch utility knife

6 inch kitchen knife

8 inch bread knife

8 inch chef’s knife

9 inch sharpening steel

Kitchen shears (which come apart for easy cleaning)

Oak block, with spaces to add 6 steak knives and 5 other knives

Each knife is made from one single piece of forged steel.

Safe for the dishwasher but it’s recommended to wash them by hand

Handles of the knives are made from Hostaform-C with is a synthetic and has 3 rivets to the tang

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Wusthof Gourmet Knife Set Review

When chefs or cooks spend a large amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals for their family there is one main thing that they depend upon, and that is a set of knives that make preparing meals easy and enjoyable.  A set of the best knives for the kitchen makes a world of difference, and a great set of knives does not have to cost a fortune.

But it is important to have tools to work with that are durable and made of high-quality materials, with the perfect combination of practicality, flare, durability, and effectiveness.  A great set of knives at a great price is not too much to ask for!

One such set of tools is the Wusthof Gourmet 14-Piece Deluxe Knife Block Set. There are actually quite a few different reasons why this particular knife set has continued to be so popular among many around the world, and I will discuss many of them in this review.

First, let’s illustrate what is included with this set:

2.75 Inch Paring Knife

2.75 inch Wusthof paring knife

This knife is perfect for bakers who need a small knife to make precise cuts in pastry dough.  A great blade for smaller jobs.


3 Inch Paring Knife

Wusthof 3 inch paring knife

Used for peeling and paring all of your fruits and vegetables.


4.5 Inch Utility Knife

Wusthof 4.5 inch utility knife

This is your all-around kitchen knife, and can be used to cut vegetables and other small slicing jobs.8 Inch Bread Knife


8 Inch Bread Knife

Wusthof 8 inch bread knife

Pretty obvious :)  This one is for cutting even the softest of bread loaves.  Use it with smooth, slow cuts through the bread.


8 Inch Chef’s Knife

8 inch wusthof chefs knife

And the chef’s knife is the king of the set, and used for all your dicing and chopping


Also included are 6 4.5 inch steak knives, kitchen shears, a sharpening steel, and a wood block.  The block comes with 17 slots so there is room for more knives that you may decide to purchase in the future.

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Wusthof Gourmet Knife Set


The quality and precision of Wusthof knives cannot be argued.  Made in Germany, the Gourmet knives are made from laser precision cut steel.  They are stamped from one piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel.  This is a high carbon steel, and is stain-resistant.  While the Gourmet sets from Wusthof are stamped steel, and not forged, they are cut with lasers which makes them far superior to other knife sets that are also stamped.  The handle is made from a single-piece synthetic and is triple riveted to the full-tang.  The durability of these knives cannot be questioned.

Difference Between Gourmet set and Classic set

If you were wondering what the difference is between the Classic and Gourmet sets, it’s that the Gourmet sets are made from stamped steel while the Classic sets are made from forged steel.  This makes the Gourmet set a bit lighter in weight and the profile of the blade a bit thinner.  While many do agree that forged is superior, it comes with a much higher price tag (hundreds of dollars) and not even necessary for most cooks.

This is why so many home cooks opt for the Gourmet set.  This set is also excellent as a wedding gift or birthday or Christmas gift for an up-and-coming chef.

There are other very minor differences in the look between the Gourmet and Classic knives, so besides the forged/stamped steel differences they are almost exactly the same.  At the end of the day, the consistency of the sharpness and the cutting angle of  these Gourmet knives is one of the things that makes this set famous.

Why The Wusthof Gourmet Knife Set Is ExceptionalWusthof Gourmet Knife Set Review

There is no argument that Wusthof makes great knives, and the Gourmet series is no exception.  When people talk about great knives that last forever, Wusthof is certainly in the picture.  Most home cooks will tell you that there are two things that really matter when using a set of knives in the kitchen.

The first one is the feel of the knife.  Wusthof is famous for making the balance of their knives perfect, so that novice chefs and experts both love handling these knives in their home kitchen.

The Gourmet’s are on the light side, so if you absolutely insist on a heavy knife then you will want to go with the more expensive Classic sets.  For me and lots of other cooks, the weight of these knives is just fine, and is easy to overlook given the affordable price.

The other factor is the edge…how sharp is it the blade, how durable is it, and how long does the edge hold.  Well, because Wusthof uses such high quality high-carbon steel, there is never an issue with the edge of their knives.

The vanadium in their steel keeps it very hard and sturdy, and helps the edge hold extremely well.  You can be assured if sharpness and edge durability are a priority, then this set of knives will not disappoint you.

Other Features

Wusthof provides customer with a lifetime warranty

The size of the block is 18X8X12 so it is quite easy to fit this set in most places of your kitchen

Handle design provides exceptional comfort and control

Overall balance of the knife is superb and they are extremely sharp

The high-carbon steel holds the edge for a long time and is easily resharpened

The stain resistant and high carbon steel of the blades is stamped laser cut and extremely easy to sharpen


As stated earlier, these knives are made of high carbon steel.   Because of this, they will rust if you let them sit in water or use the dishwasher.  It is recommended that you hand-wash these knives and dry them immediately.  Now they are in fact dishwasher safe, but again it is recommended that you hand-wash them.  This should not be a problem for most people.  If you want to invest in a high-quality item, you should not have a problem taking a little extra care to maintain them.

Another drawback is that some users of these knives do not particularly care for is the fact that they are more light-weight than their Classic set counter-parts.  Also the fact that the blade has a thinner profile as well.  And again this is because of the use of the stamped steel as opposed to forged steel.  For most people though I do not think this is an issue.

Bottom Line

If you want a truly superior set of knives to help your kitchen, then the Wusthof Gourmet 14 piece knife set is without a doubt a great choice.  At the price available on Amazon, you cannot beat the quality you get for the price you will pay.  I have no doubt that any chef or cook at any level will love using these knives.